Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A near miss, and a shared loss.

too walk, in their shoes, today.

died young, I did,
almost ...

like grandma and granddad  before...

Their hearts failed
while they were, yet young.

all of them, young.

this then young, but 62.
know I not, but that its is.

together children, had they lost,
together and apart.

My uncle lost, but one,
my grandparents, but two.

... many years, were lost, with regret
and a marriage too.

still, in the end, 

the regret, took a greater toll
a greater toll, then it should.

My wife lost i young, almost...
younger then them all.

no regret do I have, 
and no loss, do i share.

but a greater understanding,
and compassion do i share.

For the near miss, and loss,
we shared.

*My story, and my families. I nearly died at age 50 with a collision, with a cement truck.  My wife nearly died from stomach cancer like my Uncle Willard had done over a decade 

My grandparents Leo Herzog and Elnora (Nora) Byington Herzog, died young at 62 of heart disease.

Uncle Willard lost a son in a snowmobile accidents and marriage of + 25 years . My grandparents lost two children, young, in car and motorcycle accidents. 

I have compassion from walking in their shoes.

Steven Bassett

Steven Bassett