Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A near miss, and a shared loss.

too walk in their shoes today.

died young he did,
like his momma and daddie did

Their hearts failed
while they were yet young.

all of them young.

this then young, but 62.
know I not, but that its is.

together children, had they lost,
together and apart.

he lost but one,
and they but two.

years of regret were lost,
and a marriage too.

still, in the end, 

the regret, took a greater toll
a greater toll, then it should.

My wife lost i young, almost...
younger then them all.

no regret do I have, 
and no loss do i share.

but a greater understanding,
and compassion do i share.

For the near miss and the loss,
we shared.

*a story of my Uncle Willard Herzog, My grandparents Leo Herzog and Elnora (Nora) Byington Herzog.  With my wife's near loss to cancer I have come to understand and walk in their shoes.  Willard lost a son in a snowmobile accidents. My grandparents lost two children, young, in car and motorcycle accidents. They died of hearts disease and Willard Died of the same cancer that almost took my wife's life.

Steven Bassett