Wednesday, September 21, 2016

on Hosea and Gomer

Hosea was gods prophet,
god choose Hosea.

Gomer was gods handmaiden,
Gomer chose god ...

god knew Gomer and Hosea,
long before they remembered god.

god had a message for them,
for Hosea, Gomer and the world.

Remember me, from before,
you became,
where you are now.

They could return,
to him now,
where he is ...

Hosea must choose Gomer,
as god chose the world.

When god commands you to choose Gomer...
be greatful for god choose you.

*some say Gomer was a loose woman, a woman of low morals, Hosea was gods prophet to ancient Isreal to an unfaithful nation.

Steven Bassett