Thursday, September 15, 2016

on being Geppetto, or block of wood.

Geppetto was a kindly, old sole,
and a kindly ole sole, was he.

He danced for his dinner,
and he danced for his supper,
and he danced, with the fiddlers three.

This dance, he brings forth,
and then do we share.

Pinocchio, was he their,
their always,
in the in-created, block of wood.

their to be discovered,
to be brought forth, 

then, to grow, 
and then be shared.

Some times, I feel like Geppetto,
Some times, I am Pinocchio.

My Dad, and I dance.
Sometimes, he is Dad,
Sometimes, am I.

This Dance then,
do we bring forth.

together, and apart.

to then together,
discover the boy,
in the un-created,
block of souls.

Steven Bassett