Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On becoming a parent.

today i became his parent

he carried me that first day
that first day together

it was not supposed, 
to be this way, in the car, 


i had a rough start
this day was my first.

little did i understand
this day and his concerne.

no diaper did i soil,
or ever would i then or now.

without this ride,
not long would i live.

I know he was scared.
two sons had he not,

The second was i then.

After the surgery, 
hungry was I, not?

The nurse had not time,
no time for me to feed.

Dad, he had time,
and that used, he now.

Soon I was eating,
and growing I did.

Now the table turns,
turns today it does.

I will become his parent,

together, a journey, we share,
to find his needs.

to protect him now.
this the second ride,


Steven Bassett