Thursday, September 29, 2016

much ado about no'thing

much ado about no'thing

it was a small thing,
never quite their,
unfinished it was, 
or uncompleted they said.

it begged to be more,
to be finished, they said.

When all it was,
caused heartache and pain.
disposed of, it was, 
in a little, small care.

what does one do,
with an unfinished, 
unfulfilled, no'thing.

in time, another,
fulfilled, its promise.

a blessing it was,
to the both of them.

still the loss of possibility,
from the unfinished no'thing. 

** In Elizabethan England, "thing" was a slang or vulgar reference to a mans reproductive organ.  Then the organ that a woman receives it with is a no'thing.  If a man had a thing then a woman had a no'thing.**

Steven Bassett