Sunday, May 29, 2016

The mystery of the poetry

From whence does it come.
Milton speaks from the past,
As does More and Tyndale
Still what of Chesterton and Feynman.
These are the voices of long since past.
Ruth Mcqueen spoke with her poetry,
And painting,
Water colors at first and then the oils.
The poems seam to come
With the anger.
Forgotten and shattered dreams.
Miraculous preservation from the accident.
To know what it feels like,
A mac truck to be over run by.
The cancer long since hidden,
No longer to hide.
A daughter angry at her father,
As he was angry with his mother.
Still their is the new song.
So grateful to have.
So from whence does it come,
I know not now.
But grateful I am,
And rejoice their in.