Sunday, March 6, 2016

The first two, and the final five.

"The children"
at first, their was three.
So young she was
when they came
Just a child herself
Just young to luv.
"The husband"
Not the first
He was the last.
50 years they shared.
Young luv,
It explores.

"The false first"
He was first,
Then off to war.

"Then the second, and the miscarriage"
The shot gun,
It rested by the fireplace.
Unloaded it was now.
Both parents
Urged the young luv,
to simmer out.

"On her death the discovery"
She saved the letters
Of the first.
50 years latter,
At her death,
In the ceder chest
Still, the puzzle

"The fourth child come to heal, and complete"
A fourth did come
A gift to, renew
To begin anew
With time, and age.
She repaired the mistakes
With the first three,

The final one,
Unplanned, he was
mourned the remainder of her life "

She will meet him now,
This time they share.