Friday, September 5, 2014

on becoming, how our sorrows drive us to the house of prayer

"Gladness may make a man forget his thanksgiving; misery drives him to his prayers. For we are not yet, we are only becoming. ...there are two door-keepers to the house of prayer, and Sorrow is more on the alert to open than her grandson Joy" 

 "If a wife so love that she would keep every opposition, every inconsistency in her husband's as yet but partially harmonious character, she does not love well enough for the kingdom of heaven. If its imperfections be essential to the individuality she loves, and to the repossession of her joy in it, she may be sure that, if he were restored to her as she would have him, she would soon come to love him less--perhaps to love him not at all;" ...

 ... "Neither is it any man's peculiarities that make him beloved; it is the essential humanity underlying those peculiarities."

(Hope of the Gospel; George Macdonald, ch 10)