Saturday, January 4, 2014

On Same Sex Attraction

My thoughts on same sex attraction.

I live in a biologically evolved, fallen world.  There are many biological factors, I cannot explain.  One factor is the parasitic wasp. This wasp injects its victims with a neurotoxin.  This toxin leaves the wasps victims immobilized.  The victim is alive but unable to act independently. The wasp lays its eggs in the victim where its offspring slowly consume the host leaving the vital organs intact. 

Why would a benevolent creator, engineer such a creature? 

Pregnant women emit a hormone that prepares men to be better fathers.  If more then one women share a household the dominate one will soon adjust reproductive cycles of the non-dominate women to match her reproductive cycle.

I have a biological factor that has left a thorn in my flesh.  I inherited it from my father and grandfather.  It lies in the Autism Spectrum. Its gift is that it gives me very high academic abilities.  I can hyper focus to learn subjects that interest me.  It is a curse because it leaves me socially color blind.  I walk in a room full of people and I am flooded with social clues. I find these clues difficult to process.  I have passed my parents on the road numerous times and not noticed of their presence.

Elementary school was a tough time for me.  I had not yet learned to process these feelings.  I can remember sitting in the playground not knowing how to interact with my classmates.  I often sat by self in a corner trying to figure out the rules of the games.  I was shunned by my classmates.  I spent my free time in the library reading dictionaries because they were easier to comprehend. 

Junior high was a much better experience.  I joined an orchestra.  The children accepted me.  The conductor began in a kind, loving and humorous manner to teach me how to process my feelings.  People smiled at me as I passed them in the hallway.  I learned to socialize.  I was no longer shunned. I felt loved and supported. 

 I have loving memories of my friendship. in Junior High. I have spent many years thoughtfully praying about this issue.  I am still coming to understand the biological effects of my own chromosomal errors. As my friends in Jr. High gave me the grace to grow; I offer this same grace to my family members with same sex attraction. I lead more effectively from a place of compassion; then I can drive from a place of shame. Christ leads from a place of compassion. The adversary drives from a place of shame.

  • We shall not be compelled to consecrate their marriages in our temples or chapels.  
  • May we support their marriages performed in the community by our civil magistrates?  
  • Can we slide over and make room for them in the pews when then desire to come and worship with us? 
  • Can we invite them and their children to attend our Primaries, Sunday Schools, Men’s and Women’s Meetings?  
  • Can we bring in meals when their families are ill?
  • Can we support good jobs for them in our communities and safe homes to shelter their families? 
  • Would the God that we worship ask any less of us?