Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On the Independence of truth

 Truth, independent in it own sphere.
I have faith  I can discern or recover truth. 

Both Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin had the faith that they could construct a repeatable standard model of the world.  They calibrated their model.as they gathered more data. This is the scientific method.

Truth is independent of organized religion.

The word religion come from the Latin root "religio" or the proper way to worship. Its polar opposite is "superstitio". These words under the Roman form of worship refer not to an individual act but to an attitude towards that act. "religio" is proper and "superstitio" is improper.

Adjust the model to meet the facts. 

Both science and religion require adjustment to the standard model as more truth is discerned.

Static or Orthodox models can lead to "superstitio".

Static models do not adjust to meet new revealed truth.  Truth revealed to another is not truth revealed to me. I maintain "religio" and avoid "superstitio" by opening communications with the source of revealed truth. (See Thomas Paine).