Saturday, July 14, 2012

My thoughts on Mitt Romney

I have to ask myself what evidence I have seen that Mr Romney has taken a unpopular a stance on a position.  He is good at changeing his views to meet his audience.  That is a thing all politicians since time immemorial have done.  I cannot fault him for that.  I am sure George Washington pandered to a few audiences in his time.  I just wish to see him stand for something he really believed.  He was pro-life when he was a L.D.S Bishop and Counselor in the Boston Stake of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints;  He was pro-choice when he ran for office in Massachusetts. Now is the presumptive Republican Nominee he is pro-life again.  

His father George Romney was not afraid to promote what he believed.    He stood with and supported Martin Luther King Jr., in a time when that position angered an apostle of his church,  the  L.D.S. church.  He received a letter from Elder Delbert L. Stapley advising him not to pursue a civil rights agenda.   Elder  Stapley  even implied in his letter to George Romney that God might destroy him for his support of civil rights.

‘When I reflect upon the Prophet's statement and remember what happened to three of our nation's presidents who were very active in the Negro cause, I am sobered by their demise.  They went  contrary to the teachings of the Prophet  Joseph Smith—unwittingly , no doubt, but nevertheless, the prophecy of Joseph Smith ,  “… those who are determined to pursue a course, which shows an opposition, and a feverish restlessness against  the decrees of the Lord, will learn, when perhaps it is too late their own good, that God can do His work, without the aid of those who are dictated by His council, “ has and will be fulfilled.’  (Delbert L. Stapley letter to George Romney , January 23, 1964)  ...

.... I think time has shown that George Romney was right is taking his stand with Martin Luther King Jr.  

I would just like to see Mitt Romney to take a similar stand on something.  He  appears to be  unable or unwilling to take a stand that could risk his prominent position.

I here admit to a point of personal bias.  I did vote for Barack Obama in the last election.  I can remember standing in the voting booth and just staring at the ballot for the longest time.  I did not feel a strong inclination to vote for either candidate.  I  made my choice  hoping that Barack Obama would be able to reach across party lines.  Sadly my hopes were not realized.  I have seen no real leadership from the candidate I supported.

Is it too late for Mr. Romney to take a real stance for what he believes?  Does he now have too much to risk and lose?

Can I hope again that if Mr. Romney is elected, he may grow in office, into a man of real convictions.

As a side note Elder Stapley was wrong his is views on Joseph Smith.  Current historical studies show Joseph Smith supported the ordination of Negroes to the priesthood. ,THURSDAY, JULY 12, 2012