Friday, July 29, 2011

On a sense of Milton's Humour

Excess Learning without understanding may induce brain farts. 

Of knowledge within bounds; beyond abstain [ 120 ]
Anough is left besides to search and know. [ 125 ]
But Knowledge is as food, and needs no less
Her Temperance over Appetite, to know
In measure what the mind may well contain,
Oppresses else with Surfet, and soon turns
Wisdom to Folly, as Nourishment to Winde. [ 130 ]

(Paradise Lost, John Milton, Book VII)

The Archangel Raphael advising Adam that continuous learning without seeking understanding is like unto  continuous  eating without digestion.  This is often the cause of indigestion. This may cause one to produce methane from the bowels, commonly referred to as farting. .....

(It seams even John Milton has a sense of humour.)

Surfet > Surfeit;
Excess; specifically (and now usually), excess in eating and drinking; a gluttonous meal by which the stomach is overloaded and the digestion deranged.