Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Divinity and the Christian ideal

 ....... Divinity is great enough to be divine; it is great enough to call itself divine. ....... God is God, as the Moslems say; but a great man knows he is not God, and the greater he is the better he knows it. That is the paradox; ...... Socrates, the wisest man, knows that he knows nothing. A lunatic may think he is omniscience, and a fool may talk as if he were omniscient. But Christ is ..... omniscient if he not only knows, but knows that he knows.
(The Everlasting Man, by Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

The Christian ideal
has not been tried and found wanting.
It has been found difficult;
and left untried.

(What's wrong with the world  By Gilbert Keith Chesterton, p48)