Thursday, October 22, 2009

Short Story, Fable , or Myth

There once was a small girl who lived in a small place, a place of wandering and exploration.   It was an place of exploration.  It was an time of discovery. A new morality was beginning to emerge. What are its new boundaries?   How far can one go?   Her new discoveries, bold brash and full of spunk, brought her no long lasting joy. Plenty of fancy  pastries, light fluffy and full of aroma, but no good solid whole wheat goodness.

One day she met a young man.  His meanderings left him with 3 young children and many bad debts. Their wanderings brought them no joy, peace, or Eternal happiness.  They longed for and sought for something more.  They discovered a small church. This seamed to deepen their relationship. Here was the whole grain of life. There lives begain to be wholesome and fulfilling. This was a whole grain life.

One day, the girl, now an older woman, discovered that her journey was taking a different course. In the cool morning hours as she lay resting in her bed, new visitors arrived. There was a new call from a long ago forgotten realm. A place she had longed for and vaguley remembered. These visitors came to escort her to her true home. Grandma was their, as was her great Uncle Albert. She had not seen him since childhood. How she missed him so.

On her arrival, her Eternal Father came to visit her. It was time for an accounting of her stewardships. An audit was scheduled. Her family was welcome to attend. She was advised to bring her records for the final audit. On the recommendation of her Eternal Father, she contacted and engaged the services of a mediator.

On the scheduled day, she and her family arrived together at the meeting place. Her family had attended many audits and knew what to expect. They did their best to bring her comfort and allay her fears.

As she walked in the door and saw her mediator, he had an aura about him. She thought she had felt his presence before, perhaps in that small country church. He had a kind gentle face and a warm spirit. She was glad she engaged his services.

As she entered the meeting hall, a small very unhappy man brushed her aside. He demanded to be part of the audit. He was not a very happy person.  He sought that all men might be miserable, as he was miserable and everlasting misery for all was that he sought.

The Auditor looked familiar to her. It was her Eternal Father. She was glad to see him. She knew he would seek her best interests.

The small man shouted and demanded to be heard. As the small man, or little devil, began to list her crimes, her face felt flush and then went crimson.  The little devil then began tirade. He listed all her numerous sins. He checked and double checked his notes. He wanted The Auditor and her family to have a complete accounting of all of the sins he had led her to commit.

The Mediator then stood to present her case before The Auditor.  The Mediator spoke with a  strong and compassionate voice.  He felt it was unfortunate that the little devil and interrupted the audit. The young girl had explored the new age.  Through small acts of kindness and sacrifice, the aged woman had reformed her life and the lives of those she met. This process had erased The Mediators memory of a portion of the acts the little devil had mentioned. The Mediator felt certain that with time he would be unable to remember any of them. The accounting of her stewardship left a large debt, too large for her ever to repay.  The mediator asked to be permitted to pay the penalty. This action surprised her. She had not expected this turn of events. The Auditor then called for a balancing of the books and the audit to be recorded. The account, now in balance, was closed and the woman's name was listed in the Book of Life.

As the lady left the accounting house, she ask, her mediator, for the terms of her indebtedness. The debt, being too large, could not be repaid. She was now The Mediators and would be for all eternity. He asked only in return that she continue to serve her family and friends.

Her family gathered around her as she left the building. They gathered her in their arms and welcomed her home