Monday, August 28, 2017

On the cemetery, at Grants Ward.

I went to the cemetery today,
in Grants Ward, to see if Momma, was their.

Momma and I had been their, together, many times before.

This was not the first place I checked.

I  First,  went to the one in Swan Lake.
The place of her Grandma and Grandpa's remains.
The baby they lost, and grandmas sister, they were not their.

My family has lived with death, for so long.
In ten years grandma lost,
Nada, Ken, Grandpa, Fred, and a grandson too, Willard's boy.

I lost my wife, too then, nearly,
This cure then, to be grateful for ...

Their are wild roses near the graves, in Grants Ward.

My family still comes each spring,
to clean the graves.
Long gone but not forgotten.

My Grandpas favorite song was "My Wild Irish Rose".
My Aunt's and Uncle's sang it each year, at the family reunion.

Their tuning was wild, like the wild Irish rose.
Still I felt the love in their hearts as they sang for their parents.

I have some of the wild roses, in my yard.
From the cemetery, In Grants Ward. 
Like the wild Irish rose, that was my grandmother.
Transplanted they are, like the memories, of my Mom.

The experiences with Mom, are like the roses, a little bit wild.
They grow best when left to their own, unmolested, but remembered.

Grants Ward is a geographical designation,
Between Swan Lake and Downy Idaho.

Bannock County, Idaho
Latitude: 42.4012694
Longitude: -112.0380434

It is the place my Grandparents homesteaded,
before they lost the baby and moved to Logan Utah.