Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The choice, in the bedroom

To this, the bedroom,
To them, he found
His wife, his friend,
Embracing now.

Two forks their come
Two choices, now ...

To this, the right, the loaded glock,
To then the left, this anger still.

To this, the choice,
To then, to make.

To then himself,
To this to count.

To then, to change
this world, now.

To this, the children
to luv her still?

then to burn,
their luvers, all.

Why together, are the now?

Till once together,
Till then, they part.

this, then bedrooms,
Two their now.

one for he,
Then, one for her.

then on he goes,
And on to be,

Then two, the one,
they be no more.

But to the children,
between them be,
this the choice,
then be, their now.