Saturday, March 26, 2016

The ring they share

A number of years ago my Father discovered his stirling silver ring long left in the bottom of a drawer.  I now wear it as a sign of the covenant I share with my parents, wife and children.

"Two the first
The more then still"

Small it was,

This thing they share
T'was not the first.

First not for them

Come'th others
So long ago.

endure'th it now
This thing, they share.

Four children, They come,
and the fifth, t'was lost

Unplanned it was
It's loss, still mourn'd.

"The son"

Now the burden,
Thus he carrie'th

The thing, they shared.

He shares it now
With the ones,
Beloved they are.

T'was not the first
The first they shared.

"Two the first
The more then still"

Plus three now more.

The circle, the ring,
Forever then more..