Thursday, May 27, 2010

On British Petroleum, Presidential Leadership and personal responsibilities

This is in response to a personal request from a friend who's acquaintance I have renewed after far too many years.

First it needs be remembered that I am a charter member of the Franklin County Republicans for Barrack Obama. Currently it has one member, I am uncertain if we will be holding any membership drives in the near future. I also am a member of catholic Christians for a Better World (note the small “c”, as in the original Latin sense, see google “define:catholic”) I am also a member of the Anti-Utah Mormons, in the best Book of Mormon sense, think Anti-Nephi-Lehi's. None of these groups are currently holding membership drives but if beaten into submission I may permit additional memberships. I warn you it may not be an advisable avenue to pursue as it may encourage a relapse in my Asperger syndrome.

If I were half literate enough I would attempt to plagiarize Gilbert Keith Chesterton but since I am not, I will digress in in similar manner to Jonathan Swift in “Tale of a Tub”. Why wast a good preface when an endless digression will do. There is also the possibility of a good rant like “Age of Reason” but I am not as learned as Thomas Paine. This being said on to the topic.

As American we always object to big brother taking over our lives, think U.S. Federal government, that is until we want a new home mortgage or banking insurance. The F.B.I is am illegal and unconstitutional violation of the tenth ammendment, until one of our children is kidnapped.

We expect Presidents to take charge until they micromanage the play times at the White House tennis courts, think Jimmie Carter. We want a big military buildup, big tax cuts and a balanced budget, think Ronald Reagan.

I may object to British Petroleum dumping oil in the Gulf Coast but I still demand that they drill for more and sale it to me cheap to keep my car running.

I demand that the Army Corp of Engineer keep the Mississippi River channel deep and straight to encourage shipping and then wonder why the Old River Control structure is necessary. Who needs Morgan City LA any way it only a city of roughly 27,000 people and easily replaced. Since I am unwilling to pay for a real river and flood control in New Orleans lets encourage people to live there anyway and give them a false sense of security with a half working flood control project.

Here at the Bassett Family Compound, yes I included this reference for an old friend who will appreciate the digression, we are learning to take responsibilities for our actions and hope to use our gas guzzling 12 passenger van for a well earned family celebration of Memorial Day.